3 Ear Buds For Super Mini ,In-The-Canal (ITC) Digital Hearing Amplifier

1 Large  Size 1 Medium Size 1 Small Size 1  Menu 2 hearing aid size 10 batteries 1 Brush

3 Ear Buds For Small Penny-Sized

 1 Large  Size  1 Medium Size  1 Small Size

3 Ear Buds For 702 Serial Beige or Dark Gray Color Amplifiers

  702 Ear Buds Fro Beige or Dark Gray  1 Small Size , 1 Medium Size , 1 Large Size

New EZ-202S Hearing Aids Accessories Ear Plugs

New EZ-202S Hearing Aids Accessories Ear Plugs   4x Ear Plugs ( Size:  XL, L, M, S )

New Hearing Amplifier, EZ-138 Behind The Ear Easyuslife®

Improve your quality of life and say goodbye to embarrassing pauses while you struggle to hear what is being said with this hearing amplifier Forget cumbersome ‘over the ear’ styles fits comfortab
$109.15 $31.97

New Rechargeable, High Quality Digital Hearing Amplifier, EZ-801, USB Charger Compatibility

About the Product Full digital circuitry. It takes the signal from their microphone and converts it into digital data. More natural, clear sound and great listening comfort. Digital Volume control
$109.15 $54.02

2-Pack New Digital Hearing Amplifier, EZ-220 / VHP-220,Full digital circuitry,FDA Approved, Easyuslife®

100 In Stock
• Product Size: 53×16.5×8.6 mm Product Weight: 5g Battery Type: AG13 or LR44 available Battery Current Drain: less than 1.5mA Battery Life: More than one month; • Full digital circuitr

New Digital Hearing Amplifier, EZ-220 Full digital circuitry FDA Approved Easyuslife®

100 In Stock
About the Product 3 Different Size Earplugs 3 LR44 Battery 1 Cleaning Brush 1 Manual Includes free protecting and carrying case Comfortable for either ear Rated Voltage 1.5 V Battery AG13/LR44 Ma

New 2-Pack EZ-220T- Rechargeable Digital Hearing Amplifier FDA Approved easyuslife®

About the Product Rechargeable , never buy a replacement battery again Includes free protecting and carrying case,1 Cleaning Brush 1 Manual Comfortable for either ear Digital Affordable Great qua

2-Pack New Rechargeable 202S High Quality Digital Hearing Amplifier

About the Product Rechargeable ear hearing amplifier is rechargeable no needs to keep buying replacement batteries For all type of ears  Two & up days working after one full charge Comfort